SATs are statutory and take place during one week in May when your child is in Year 6. They are designed to monitor how well a school is doing in helping your child make progress.

Your child will sit a reading paper, a spelling test, and a number of Maths papers. The tests are timed and are administered in school by teachers familiar to your child.

If your child has a Special Educational Need they may be able to access extra time, rest breaks or someone to read the questions for them. The SENCo at the school will be able to talk to you about this.

The SATs papers are sent off by the school for external marking. Parents and children do not see their papers once they have been completed.

If you are interested in SATs weekly tuition for your child, then email Jane to find out more or book your initial meeting.

Your child will sit a reading comprehension paper which will have three different text types within it.

A reading comprehension will expect your child to be able to read some text and then answer questions about it. Some questions are worth one mark, some two and some three.

The test is timed and lasts for 60 minutes.

Boy taking English, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling or Maths SATs

Your child will sit two separate tests: one in punctuation and grammar and the other, a spelling test.

The punctuation and grammar test is made up of lots of short answer questions and takes 45 minutes.

The spelling test is usually read out by the adult administering the test and takes around 15 minutes. Your child should be familiar with the spellings they will be tested on.

Your child will sit three Maths papers in total as well as a Mental Maths test. One is an arithmetic paper and is 30 minutes long.

The other two are both reasoning papers and they take 40 minutes each.

It is important that your child gets used to showing their workings out as they may get extra marks for this...even if the answer is wrong!

Most importantly, help and encourage your child to know their 'times tables', as these form the basis of many Maths problems they will be expected to solve.

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